COHO Inspection Services

What happens under your roof is your business. Know it.

COHO is pleased to offer professional inspection services to housing co-ops in BC.

Our services are delivered by provincially-certified building inspectors and backed by COHO’s reputation for outstanding service and value.    Clients will receive a comprehensive report on each co-op home or common area inspected.  Reports will identify and prioritize items of concern in a format that is easy to understand and follow up.

Working with COHO, clients can use the inspection reports to:

  • Address urgent issues that may become emergencies if left unresolved
  • Develop routine and preventive maintenance plans to keep the co-op in good repair
  • Generate work orders for scheduled follow up to increase member satisfaction
  • Verify the condition of co-op units at move-in or move-out
  • Maintain common areas and systems in peak condition
  • Assess the condition of specialized items, e.g. playground equipment
  • Deal with hazardous materials and protect the health and safety of members

Are you looking for inspections that are thorough, professional, confidential and reliable?  Contact COHO Inspection Services at today for a free, no obligation quote!

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