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Our co-op has had a consistently good long-standing relationship with COHO Management Services.  Because COHO has evolved over the years being driven by the ever-changing needs of co-ops, they have become a management company that we know we can count on.  They provide us with the peace of mind that comes from their understanding of not just the needs common to all co-ops but also the unique needs of our community.

Greenland Housing Co-operative

I have been working with COHO Management Services Society for a couple of years now as the auditor for a number of mutual clients and I have been nothing but impressed. It is very apparent that COHO Management Services Society prides themselves not only on monthly and annual reporting that is clear, concise and very helpful for making decisions, but also on daily operational advice that can lead to a financially stronger Co-operative. This is achieved with their careful and thoughtful planning and management on a day to day basis.

David Reznick

Chartered Accountant

I have lived in a COHO managed building for four years, and I cannot speak more highly of the COHO staff who have been involved in my my family’s life. Support staff interviewed us and helped us move in to our co-op, maintenance staff worked with us to solve all the problems that come with a brand new building. Cleaning staff cheerfully greet my young children by name and remember the details that are important in their small lives. Office staff help with requests major (turning our common room into a library and playspace) and minor (replacing keys.) Through out all the joys and struggles of creating a new community I have been impressed by our COHO Management team – their professionalism, their willingness to listen, and their ability to creatively respond to our Co-op’s needs.

First Avenue Athlete's Village Co-op

I have been working together with COHO to meet my client’s legal and operational needs for over 20 years.  I appreciate the knowledge and professionalism brought to the table by COHO and the on-site staff.  Those traits serve my clients well and I have come to rely on COHO to coordinate and implement advice that I provide to my clients.
C. Grant Haddock

Attorney, Haddock & Company Lawyers

COHO Management staff are most supportive and have helped our small co-op through difficult times of transition, due to changes both of the Executive and resident members;  we depend on them.


Bowen Island Housing Co-operative

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