About Us

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Who Are We?

COHO Management Services Society is a non-profit association incorporated under the BC Society Act. Our company was founded in 1984 by the Cooperative Housing Federation of BC. The members of CHF BC realized that co-ops needed a property management service owned by the sector and specializing in housing co-op management.

COHO’s approach to housing co-op management

The biggest misconception co-op boards have about management companies is that they run the co-op. We don’t. Instead, we help you run it the way co-ops were meant to be run. Our services are designed to be flexible. No two co-ops are identical, so we design our services to match the needs of each client co-op. It’s not your job to fit into our system, but our job to fit into yours. We provide services in every major area of co-op management.

  • Administration and membership services
  • Corporate governance
  • Accounting and financial services
  • Maintenance and unit inspections

We believe that the most successful co-ops are those with well informed and involved members, effective boards and good management, and we work hard to help you succeed in creating a sound, viable business and a healthy community.

As a COHO client, you have access, not only to a designated co-op coordinator (on-site or at our offices), but to a top-notch administrative and accounting team.  Our head office staff work closely with boards, finance committees and coordinators to set a gold standard for quality and communication.

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