Our People

We’re deeply rooted in the co-operative housing sector.

We are a team of professional staff dedicated to supporting our clients to ensure the long-term success of their co-op homes. Each client has a full team of talented and experienced industry professionals at their service to assist with any co-op challenges they may have. The COHO team works together in unity to deliver exceptional service, allowing housing co-ops to focus on building and supporting their communities.

COHO’s employees are represented by UNIFOR Local 3000.

Co-op Manager

Co-op Managers are the first point of contact. They are responsible for ensuring that co-op operations run smoothly and efficiently. They work closely with the board of directors and staff to develop and implement policies and procedures that promote the well-being of the co-op and its residents. Our senior managers have additional responsibilities of coaching junior staff.


Accounting Coordinators

Accounting Coordinators work closely with Co-op Managers to ensure the financial well being of our clients. They produce financial reports throughout the year and prepare for the year end financial audit. They are also providing support with budgeting and financial planning.

Maintenance Technicians
And Custodians

Our maintenance personnel offer on-site services related to the maintenance, repair, and overall cleanliness of your co-op buildings. They promptly respond to work orders and carry out scheduled preventive maintenance. Additionally, our 24-hour emergency response service ensures quick and effective solutions to unforeseen issues, providing you with peace of mind.

Maintenance Techs and Custodiens
Building Inspectors

Building Inspectors

We only employ building inspectors who are certified by ASTTBC (Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of BC). Our inspectors conduct thorough and focused inspections of your homes and co-ops, providing detailed reports that identify priority repairs. This enables co-ops to plan effectively for the maintenance of their buildings.

Administrative Assistants

Administrative assistants work in co-op offices or at our head office to provide specialized administrative support to both you and our growing company. They are responsible for tasks such as data entry, creating complex documents, and supporting coordinators in delivering property management services to clients.

Administrative Assistants

The COHO Management Team

Liz Peters

Halina Kuras, M. Econ., CPA, CGA
Executive Director

Halina is a Certified General Accountant with more than 30 years of experience in non-profit and housing co-op management. She is responsible for all aspects of COHO’s operations and provides assistance and expert advice in all areas of co-op management to COHO staff and clients.

Halina served several terms on her housing co-op board and the Board of Trustees of the Federal Co-operative Housing Stabilization Fund.

Laura Soucy

Laura Soucy
Operations Manager

Laura has worked for COHO Management for 19 years, starting as a co-op manager. Currently, she is COHO’s Operations Manager and has played an essential role in streamlining the process for income verifications for all of COHO’s clients. Laura is also responsible for overseeing the training of all new co-op managers and continues to assist with staff education for onboarding processes. Currently, she is developing an online property management platform for staff and clients that will provide a seamless delivery of services to housing co-ops.

Laura currently sits on a volunteer Board of Directors for Entre Nous Femmes Housing Society.

Liz Peters

Liz Peters
Operations Supervisor

The Operations Team Supervisor is responsible for implementing and monitoring quality control systems designed to improve the quality of COHO services.  They provide staff supervision, training and support and acts as a subject matter expert to COHO staff in matters relating to service delivery.

Eric Remple

Eric Rempel
Manager, Field Operations

Eric has been managing COHO field operations staff and working with co-op members for over 10 years. In this role, he trains and mentors staff in co-op building repairs, maintenance and unit inspections. He also helps set up new maintenance clients.

Eric is certified in AHERA building inspections (checking for asbestos-containing materials and other building hazards).

Dino Calogero

Dino Calogero
Maintenance Manager

In his role as Senior Maintenance Co-ordinator, Dino provides ongoing training and support to COHO maintenance staff. Before joining COHO in 2018, he worked for over a decade in home construction.

Dino lives in a co-op and has served on the Board of Directors and Maintenance Committee.

Andrew Sitko

Andrew Sitko
Accounting Staff Supervisor

Andrew has worked for COHO since 1995, holding positions as Office Coordinator, Accounting Coordinator and Training Coordinator before his current position. He leads COHO’s accounting team with expertise in the financial and corporate management of housing co-ops.

Andrew has been an active member of three housing co-ops for over 15 years, serving on finance committees and as treasurer of the board.

Winna Ma, Human Resources Manager

Winna Ma
Human Resources Manager

As Human Resources Manager, Winna is responsible for recruiting a dynamic team of professionals in all areas of COHO’s operations.

Asim Qazi

Asim Qazi
Staff Development Manager

Asim’s experience as a coordinator provides him with unique insights in his role as Staff Development Manager. He works closely with all operational areas to ensure that staff receive the training and support needed to perform their duties. He was instrumental in getting our entire team to transition to remote work during the pandemic. Asim works with staff and proves leadership in implementing a property management platform accessible by staff and clients to provide housing co-ops with seamless delivery of services. Asim’s long-term goal is to standardize and improve COHO’s communications and documentation.

Nicholas Newell

Nicholas Newell
Senior Training Coordinator

Nicholas has worked for COHO for four years, starting as a Management Coordinator, moving up to Senior Quality Assurance and Relief Coordinator and now Senior Training Coordinator for the past year. He was responsible for streamlining Vancity contacts for co-op bank accounts to ensure up-to-date accounting and monitoring of co-op bank activities could be completed in real-time.

Eileen Wong

Eileen Wong
Senior Relief and Quality Assurance Coordinator

Eileen has worked with COHO since 2019. In her role as Senior Relief and Quality Assurance Coordinator, she ensures consistency in delivering management services and identifies areas for improvement. Eileen is also part of the Staff Development team that assists co-op coordinators in providing any clarifications or training they might need.

Careers At COHO

We love what we do and we’re looking for talented people to join our growing team.

COHO’s employees are represented by UNIFOR Local 3000.

Working at COHO

At COHO, we enjoy working for a community-based organization and are committed to providing an environment that values both your personal and professional growth. Our team is fast-growing and we’re accepting applications for various roles.

Living Wage Employer

We offer competitive compensation, benefits packages and a dynamic work environment. Also, COHO employees are organized in Local 3000 of UNIFOR.

We invite you to submit your resume at any time to resumes@coho.bc.ca

Please note, only successful candidates will be contacted. No phone calls, please.


Co-op Manager

The Co-op Manager is responsible for the day-to-day management and maintenance coordination of the co-operative, and carrying out policies and procedures determined by the board of directors and the general membership and as directed by the co-op representative(s). Where applicable, they are also responsible for the direction and supervision of other persons contracted or employed by the co-op for any purpose.  Travel is required. 

Client Reviews

Don’t just take it from us. Our clients are the happiest around.