Sector Links

We’re deeply rooted in the co-operative housing sector. Check out these links to our partner organizations.

The Co-operative Housing Federation of BC (CHF BC) is governed by a team of directors who work together to unite, represent, and serve our members in a thriving co-operative housing movement. Their co-op management subsidiary, COHO Management Services Society, and social purpose real estate development arm, the Community Land Trust, are non-profit enterprises wholly owned by the members of CHF BC. Together, they advance our vision of growing an inclusive community of sustainable and permanently affordable co-operative housing.

The mission of the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada (CHF Canada) is to inspire, represent and serve our members in a united co-operative housing movement. Their members are housing co-ops as well as the organizations and people who support them. CHF Canada also connects Canada’s co-op housing movement with housing co-ops in other countries and with co-operative enterprises in Canada and around the world.
The Community Land Trust (CLT) acquires, develops and stewards co-ops and community-led housing and spaces. Our team of skilled industry leaders are aligned with our purpose and focused on creating and advocating for inclusive communities that members and residents are proud to call home. Established in 1993 by the Co-operative Housing Federation of BC (CHF BC), CLT is a social-purpose non-profit organization fostering diverse and sustainable communities and initiatives for today and tomorrow.
Housing Central is a strategic alliance between BC Non-Profit Housing Association (BCNPHA) and the Co-operative Housing Federation of BC (CHF BC). Our mission is to strengthen and grow the community housing sector so all British Columbians have a safe, secure home they can afford.

The Agency for Co-operative Housing administers federal co-operative housing programs on behalf of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and PEI.

The British Columbia Co-operative Association (BCCA) is the umbrella organization that works on behalf of co-ops and credit unions in British Columbia.
BC Housing develops, manages and administers a wide range of subsidized housing options across the province. They work with the ministry responsible for housing to address critical gaps across the housing continuum. They also license residential builders, administer owner builder authorizations and carry out research and education that benefits the residential construction industry and consumers. They work with about 800 housing providers and help more than 110,000 households in communities across British Columbia.
Encasa Financial is a registered Investment Fund Manager, created specifically to manage the investment of pooled capital reserves of non-profit and co-operative housing providers. Encasa is owned by CHF BC, CHF Canada, BC Non-Profit Housing Association and the Housing Services Corporation of Ontario.